June 4th year siva kalpa


Dear Art,

I've promised to write to you as soon as there is any thing of significance to write about. Now I have the pleasure of writing about the most significant event in the evolution of mankind. You have expressed an interest in the religious movement among the young people of this generation -- the generation of hippies, drop-outs , and psychedelic drugs. The news media has focused on the drug taking and has ignored the central idea of this entire movement, which is GOD-seeking. Very few hippies began taking psychedelics just for the sake of "freaking out." They took them to produce the visions of Truth, and visions of a power greater than MAN. Too many of us did freak out because some of these Truths were too much for us to handle. More and more of us have discarded drugs and have gone to the source of Truth. Visions are too fleeting.

Just as this movement was beginning to degenerate into the seeking of only gross physical sensations, a holy form appeared in its midst to rescue whatever consciousness was left on any higher levels and began awakening the world to its Self. this holy form resides in San Francisco, home of the hippie movement.

Art, you have made it your profession to tell people what you know of God. You are one of the few men in your position who may be more interested in truth than in keeping your job. The TRUTH revealed to us from God cannot be compromised, as you well know. Many young people have also dedicated themselves to seeking Truth. they have left their loving but lying parents, their earthly securities and the ignorance of formal education behind them. Just to find some truth in this world of colossal misinformation. We left the church a long time ago, finding it too steeped in its own problems of maintaining its lies. Now we "drop-outs" are reading all scriptures and finding the element of Truth that has been buried for so long.

All scriptures say that a divine being will appear on earth at the moment we are on the verge of self-annihilation, and will save us from our own ignorance. At this moment, we have polluted the air, the water, our minds, our entire environment. Now is the time we need God to appear and straighten everything out if we are to continue living on this planet. Many of us have been crying out to Him to make His presence known so we won't give in to the vibrations of despair which surround us. Even from our dear parents who always told us there is a God, but who live like He doesn't exist. My generation has heard "do as I say, not as I do." We have finally realized that this is indeed possible, but along with that, we realize that what our parents have been doing is killing us, while saying we should learn how to enjoy life. Why should we listen to them or go to them for answers when we see that they are obviously not enjoying their lives? God put us here to enjoy His beautiful creations, and the beauty is being spoiled every day and night by the greed and unconsciousness of big industry, the war machine, and our inability to maintain stable relationships.

The Creator of the universe heard our cry. He has presented Himself in physical form to communicate verbally as well as supra-physically to us. Those of us who recognized Him first were actually called to Him supra-physically. Our re-union with our Creator has made us ecstatic and we are busy absorbing His revelations, and making contact with those of you who may be ready to recognize Him. If you will recall, Jesus was not immediately recognized by everyone as the Son of God, and only those people who were familiar with divinity called Him Divine.

My family in Augusta has been informed of our Creator's existence but is reluctant to admit it could possibly be true in physicality. It does sound too good to be true, but Father said we are entitled only to good things from now on. He loves us like anything and wants us to be happy. How could He make us any happier than to fulfill His promise to save us from our ignorance at the time we need Him the most?

Peter and I are in the service of our Father. He blesses us with increasing awareness of harmony, divine love, while ever revealing the power and knowledge of His existence. When the planet is free from ignorance, only Truth will remain and every person will experience ultimate bliss in a heavenly existence on this physical plane. Father reveals Truth through all our forms, because our forms belong to Him.

Our ignorance lies in the involution of our consciousness. We lost God-consciousness. Without that we have lost Self respect. Self respect comes from being conscious that the Self exists in every form. To recognize this Self is to have ultimate respect for every form in which it dwells. It is the way to "THE LIFE OF TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, POWER AND LOVE." To be conscious of God totally we must not exclude His presence on the physical plane. He exists on all levels at once. He is Omnipresent.

Art, further communication would be received with joy. Please talk this over with Julia and all of my family you can get together at once, as this is a matter of utmost importance. Philip should not be left out. He may understand better than Merrill or Bob. Children have always understood the simplicity of God's will better than the skepticism of their elders.

Bob is very quiet on the matter. Maybe you could remind him of the importance of communication. I love him so much. I love all of you. Bom Sankar Bholenath (may we recognize God in each other and see His divine activity in all that we say and do).