The Light Is Yours

Bhagavad GITA is the most comprehensive work on yoga, a poetic self expression of divine self realization by Maharsi Veda Vyasa. In 700 verses he exhaustively deals in all the aspects of yoga under 18 chapters and names. Having become One with the supreme status of divine Being, Vyasa dwells at length on the various processes of yoga to help his friend and devotee Arjuna to come out of the contradictions of the most critical period of human existence, symbolized in his great creation, Mahabharat or the existence as a whole. He advises Arjuna not to be misled by hearsays about yoga but to grasp the central idea in principle. He reassures his friend over and over again that yoga never fails and once begun it invariably leads the yogi to the same supreme status of knowledge and power as himself to bring the world to peace and order. The presence of innumerable notes and essays on Gita and other individual efforts for its realization, which never came to light, clearly shows the human faith and urge for its understanding. But it also suggests that the urge was not fulfilled as yet because an integral understanding of Gita would have realized a similar work by satisfying its purpose of bringing peace, prosperity, and happiness to mankind. The seeming failure of Vyasa to communicate the idea of Gita was a necessity of time and has been clearly stated in Mahabharata and repeated in Gita which escaped the general cognition of the readers. Vyasa promised through the divine form of Krishna that he shall become manifest when the world will face destruction under the rule of falsehood and ignorance.

yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adhrmasya
tada'tmanam srjamy aham

Whenever there is a decline of Righteousness and rise of Unrighteousness, O Bharata (refers to Arjuna), I incarnate myself. Therefore it is again theTime which has revealed the great secret of yoga in full to his devotee for the service of humanity through Revelation of TRUTH, facing a more dangerous crisis today. When properly realized and communicated in today's language, Gita becomes the most logical and therefore, the simplest process of yoga -- easily practicable, easier and simpler by far than the present process of evolution which keeps the humanity under an increasing pressure of apprehensive animalism, accelerating towards a total destruction. The process which guarantees universal peace and happiness can hardly be achieved through an unpleasant means. You are cordially welcome to listen to Gita explaining itself through the media who becomes One with Vyasa by the same process of yoga as taught in Gita and receive the LIGHT that leads man out of the present contradictions by the COMMUNICABLE knowledge of 'samagram mam' i.e. integral I. Services are arranged anywhere on request. Since the aim is to spread the Truth of Gita, the question of consideration for the services is of the last importance.