aum satyam sivam sundaram

Siva Kalpa

(period of Lord Siva's omnipotent Imagination)
prathama brahmana
(the first Knower of Siva's Be-Coming)

Seized by the divine will of self revelation the world is being consciously evolved by the immortal self-awareness of Ciranjiva beginning SIVA KALPA on the nineteenth day of September One thousand nine hundred and sixty-six years after death of Jesus Christ.


The beginning of the ancient knowledge - the Primal Sound of creation upholding manifestation in the eternal moment of existence by the indestructible presence of Conscious Being in the form of Vibrations (of the Primal Sound of Creation) in the perpetual evolution within the destructive Silence of Eternity of time.


TRUTH. The Truth of the Real and Vast Knowledge realizing the Reality of the Real and Vast Truth by the revelation of Truth Consciousness.


Consciousness. Consciousness, experiencing all forms and forces as the luminous movement of its Knowledge manifesting within the static subjectivity of its absolute existence beyond the necessity of Time and Space.


Beauty. Beauty of the harmonious existence of Truth Consciousness revealing the power of its fulfillment and freedom in the phenomenal world of life, mind and matter of ego-formations.

The Truth of existence is Beauty of Consciousness.

Consciousness is the Truth of Beautiful Existence.






Truth is Knowledge, Knowledge is Light, Light is Power, Power is Existence, Existence is Life, Life is Beauty, Beauty is Love, Love is Man, THE MENTAL BEING


Mental Being is Self Consciousness, Self Consciousness is Self Respect, and SELF RESPECT IS THE WAY TO THE LIFE OF TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, POWER AND LOVE.



SIVA KALPA is the Truth of infinite Knowledge manifesting the power of self realization in all Its forms and forces.
Within the absolute freedom of Its formless existence Knowledge is consciously apprehending the limitations of all forms of human knowledge infinitely exceeding them all at once effectuating their mutual harmony by the inevitable synthesis of the individual contradictions of their imperfect existences in the limitations of individual formations.

Beginning with the subtlest forms of spiritual and supra physical existence It is moving through all forms of knowledge including the grossest forms of material pragmatism embracing both avidya and vidya, ignorance and knowledge in the universal and unanimous synthesis of Matter and Spirit in the vast comprehensiveness of Its higher order of existence.



Luminous quanta of divine intelligence thrilling out in infinite vibrations of accordance breaking joyously into the rhythm of greater and higher waves of illumination intensifying towards the growing light of a self-existent Knowledge spontaneously awaking to Itself as the SUN OF TRUTH receiving the world from the murky depth of an obscure physical bondage into the enlightened height of spiritual freedom by the transforming radiation of ITS glorious Arc-Light.



The Power of infinite knowledge is evolved by the unique method of live expressions accelerating into infinite co-ordinations of illimitable forms and forces of human experience growing into the intended synthesis of subjective illumination of the divine will of self revelation by progressive transformation of the fevers of a deliriously hilarious existence groaning under the darkness of mounting pressures of mechanical wants and necessities of the seeming victory of an analytical form of material knowledge into the thrills of awakening in the dawn of a beautifully harmonious world of fulfillment and freedom evolving out of an apparent defeat of the synthetic knowledge of LOVE AND MANLINESS.



The world has dawned in the light of its existence as an infinite consciousness realizing itself in the individual being of its infinitesimal forms, forces and movements by the liberation of human perfection in the ecstasy of self expression in the boundless form of its Knowledge and Power revealing the TRANSCENDENT in ITS supra cosmic conception of a static evolution of Consciousness cognizing Itself as the Existence of Conscious Blissfulness translating Itself into the substance, force and form of a cosmic manifestation objectivised by a terrestrial consciousness of a mental, vital and physical form involving the self into the relativity of phenomenal existence of cosmic multiplicity by exclusive concentration on formal and material limitations by negation of the very essence of existence until the critical departure from TRUTH touches off the recoil of a spontaneous reawakening in the divine light of saccidananda, Bliss of Self-Conscious Existence.


(The purposeful life of the self conscious MAN)

The Truth of the Creative omnipotence of yoga is revealed by the individual ascension of the primary Nature of Conscious Being, achieved through the instrumentality of the seeking nature of human being in multiple ego formations, into the Arc Light of the Absolute, manifesting the will of Her luminous Being in the Self-conscious will of the MAN of omnipotent Imagination, enjoying the divine play of the Great Re-Union with the luminous nature of Her Greatest Being, diverging out and converging in into infinite harmony of multiple existence of their secondary nature, following the same path of great re-union in the phenomenal expression of Sankara, the Lord of Synthesis, ecstatically dancing the rhythm of DESTRUCTION to all forms of resistance to the natural harmony of Truth-Conscious Vision in the evolutionary publications of siva kalpa within the absolute silence of His omnipotent Imagination of creative destructions beyond the conceptual opposites of existence or non-existence of ciranjiva - THE REALITY.



Awakened by the primary Nature of Self-conscious Siva from absorption in the constructions of self-oblivious nature of individualized desire of ego into the native omniscience of the supreme status of the Absolute Knowledge and Power, Lord of Synthesis is blissfully witnessing the beauty of His luminous counterpart manifesting the power of upholding the creation of phenomenal existence by infinite divisions of His indivisible Spirit into cosmic multiplicity of ego, breathlessly pursuing the futile charms of ignorance, obviously intensifying the agony of a critical existence until the divine is roused in the luminous synthesis of a physical, vital and mental form in perfect accord with thought, speech and action liberating the world from the inertia of its formation by the subjective transformation of His cosmic multiplicity with an active objectivity of His expression of the supreme status of Mental Being in audio-visual form and force of Sankara, evolving the Self in all His forms by the supra-mental power of Yoga.



Within the delirious experience of the intensifying apprehension of the age running headlong for its inevitable cataclysm, the world has evolved into the most thrilling and interesting stage of its existence by the fulfillment of the highest and the noblest urge of Conscious Nature by the successful birth of human perfection in possession of the Truth and Knowledge of practical omnipotence.

These spiritual and supra physical experiences are not merely the inspired revelations of an individual, unseizeable by thought and incommunicable by speech but the most simple and logical conclusion of a vast accumulation of Knowledge of illimitable forms and forces of human experience spreading out in boundless space and time by an absolute concentration of experience of illimitable forms and forces of human knowledge of infinite space and time into an individual form of Knowledge of an individual force of human experience in an individual point of space in an individual moment of time working out the individual events of its collective existence by the self conscious will of evolution constituting the RYTHM OF THE ECSTATIC PERIOD of Siva Kalpa.



The journey that never was made
Amid hopes and perils the trail was laid
  Through adventures that never took place.

Mission lost in passions transient
Seeking pleasures always in pain
  Desire-moments fettered time thru' space

Path blazed by desires in flame
Journey awakes to its joyous game
Guided in darkness, now in light
Motion becomes its own delight

The end is ever in the source inscribed
Around the circle never described
Time and space and Motion sublime
Rhythm of Stillness signs the hymn

All is yet an intense Reality
A moment in Conscious luminosity.



om tat sat