satyam sivam sundaram


The Omnipotent Vision of Truth


On the very eve of another major plunge into the fictions of democratic chaos of the Great War of 1914, a baby was born on the 11th of December of 1913 at Varanasi, in a ruling Brahmin family, still complacent in a world of falling fame of their learning, righteousness, religious disposition and last but not the least, for whatever was left of their compelling personalities. They protected some hundred thousand families in natural orders of happy existence covering a stretch of wide territory. There was the usual grandeur of happy affluence which came up in carriage and bearing on all the occasions of worship, social function, journey and especially for love and charity of their greatest wealth -- a peacefully happy population.

The child inherited a sharp inclination for occultism from his father who had spent the best part of his life seeking fulfillment in spiritualism. Under the enduring love of a religiously devoted mother, this urge for occultism assumed the character of astrology as early as his tenth year. After a brilliant career of Pure Science and various academic subjects, the child, now a learned man of versatile ignorance, gave himself up to his consuming passion for the Vision of the past and future.

Conditioned by the austerity of Science and inspired by the vision of its uncompromising truth, he could not compromise with the present practice of astrology, servile as it is to the same world of false professions. Most of the great kings and rulers of the world, history tells us, had living interest in the subject and some of them were great scholars of astrology. Obviously these powerful men could not waste their fruitful talent in a fruitless preoccupation like what is known as astrology today.

All divisions of modern knowledge, true to their democratic nature, are founded on fictions, impressed upon the withering intellect of biological sensations of phenomenal ignorance by an objectively acting Nature, changing the fictions as often as the Evolution of the biological periods determine. The basis of astrology being the Reality, it cannot change its basic principle from moment to moment according to the changing conveniences of religious-academic-political Combine under the fictitious freedom of democratic delirium. The stability is provided by the ability for observation of the present, with an utter freedom from the influence of disintegrating institutions under their feverish activities of self abnegation. Progressive detachment from the contacts of the dumb sensations of ego surfaces liberated the astrologer from the increasing blindness of the ancient and modern forms of knowledge. Mythology, Fairy, Religion, Scripture, Philosophy, Theology, Metaphysics, Arts, Culture and History of all times and places, as also Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Physiology, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Psychology, anthropology, Zoology, Entomology, Bacteriology, Health, Medicine, Economics, Politics, Administration, Industry, Commerce with Biology and evolution in particular began to move around the central point of Astrological Observatory until all these forms of knowledge achieved their freedom from the bondage of agnostic conclusions, arrived at by various individuals by the mechanism of Evolutionary Nature, marking the TIME into divisions of their respective 'period of influence.'

Thus the REALITY of the past and future moved towards its own fulfillment with a progressive detachment from the influence from the dumb nature leading the astrologer into the most mysterious secret of Conscious Nature of AGNI, the FIRE of KNOWLEDGE thundering ZERO hour of destructive creation of an ignorant existence by burning down the fictions of democratic refractions on the midnight of The Fourteenth Day of June in the year of Jesus Christ One Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty-six.

This REVELATION began with a suspension of normal intercourse with a world of critical falsehood leading the man into the feeling of a Cosmic existence still persisting in the habit of biological inertia which has separated from its own Origin -- the earthly nature of the Planet -- maintaining a distant relation at the plane of contact as a gross material weight of physical sensations as the limit of vital and mental knowledge of the recent PAST.

The adjustment between the cosmic and human nature, that is to say, between the luminous Nature of Consciousness and the Ignorance of the individualized nature of desire, was achieved through a multi-stage self limitation by concentration in four broad spectrums. The vast and all-comprehensive VISION of Space, Time, Will and Action of the Cosmic Evolution was concentrated into Human Evolution with further concentration of humanity of current Period which was still concentrated into the space, time, will and action of an individual evolution, all converging into the Absolute Concentration in the person of the Astrologer.

This process of Absolute Concentration holds all forms of Nature in self-conscious evolution by the diverging movements through all stages of conscious self limitations of the Astrologer's Vision. The Absolute Concentration of Cosmic Vision radiates out in lateral comprehensiveness in spontaneous declarations of the past and future from any point of Individuality and any moment of Evolution. Thus the broken COMMUNICATION between the COSMIC I, the HUMAN I, the Collective I of the PERIOD and individual i was restored in the supra-cosmic PERSONALITY of the self exceeding VISION of the Astrologer on the dawn of the 19th September of 1966.

The Astrologer now feels himself as a self-conscious fuel for AGNI unconsciously prepared for the self-conscious service to humanity by the Fire of his THIRD EYE.