The Conception of The Foundation of Revelation

In the third year of Siva Kalpa, representing the defunct era of 1968 the Spiritual Summit Conference of the world leaders of thought was being held for the first time in the dead century, from October 22 through 26, at The Birla Academy of Arts and Culture in Calcutta, under the auspices of The Temple of Understanding Inc. of Washington, D.C. consisting of forty-two delegates from the U.S.A. After the ritual of the first day's monotonous proceedings, the strange appearance of an Indian beggar on October 23 influenced the Summit in radical realization of the impact of their pious efforts. The man was immediately recognized by the intelligent Americans as the man of love and power and the proceedings came to a logical end with prayer for TIME for the weary children of Earth. The prayer was heard.

The same evening Shotsy and Patty, both delegates of The Temple of Understanding Inc. followed the beggar with Sheyla, Don and Buz to Ballygunge railway station after waiting for about 20 minutes among a motley crowd of disorderly people boarded a dirty compartment and stood there in choking pressure of passengers. After half an hour or so they came to a place called Sonarpur and detrained. They followed the beggar along the platform, through the dingy lanes of a stinking bazar and a tortuous lane in complete darkness winding along small pools with glistening reflections of stars and surrounded by thick trees with fire flies sparkling through the branches to an extremely poverty stricken slum of broken huts. This is the village Gorkhara. He came in front of one of those broken huts and welcomed the followers into the room. He lived there with his mother, about 75 years, wife 45 years, elder daughter 22 (her husband Ramendra 22, their son Visnu 1 year), son 16, and younger daughter 14. They said that they had been waiting for the arrivals for two and a half years with the rest of the villagers, consisting of unskilled labourers, bidi binders, smugglers, thieves, prostitutes and drunkards. After the guests were seated, the beggar said: "You have come to the hut of the future king of India -- India of happiness and love achieved through its own heritage of yoga." The simplicity and conviction of the statement was amazing. The Americans came out with: "We have come to the king of the planet," and toasted with the broken cups in which they were served with tea, sweetened with gud, a kind of lump sugar. "Since I am a slave of your will, I accept the job. But please remember that SELF RESPECT IS THE WAY TO THE LIFE OF TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, POWER AND LOVE," was his smiling reply. They talked 'till 10 p.m. and left with the beggar who accompanied them to Ballygunge Station and got them into a taxi.

The American delegation to the Spiritual summit Conference was staying at the Oberoi Grand Hotel of Calcutta while the touring Americans, Sheyla, Don and Buz were staying at the Astoria Hotel in Sudder Street. This beggar was found to attend these people from the States in both places regularly and answered the questions of the individual delegates and tourists to their entire satisfaction 'till their departure. Besides the American delegates at Grand, he received hundreds of seasoned hippies at Astoria during one week.

Shotsy was left behind by the Temple of Understanding and lived with the beggar for six weeks and conceived the light of his wisdom. Sheyla, Don and Buz followed Shotsy to the hut immediately to live with him and this threw open the floodgates of western seekers to the point of light in the person of this yogi. The unknown village of Gorkhara came to be known as the seat of yogic activity to the Indians and the world at large.

Shotsy was taking stock of all activities around this beggar and was maintaining a record in photographs. The others also started to photograph and tape record his sayings and incidents. Nearly 500 seekers of Truth came and lived with him in Sonarpur from all over the U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Europe and Australia in about 8 months besides many who met him in scores at Astoria during the first days of their arrivals. Shotsy left for the States after living there with the first comers as Lou Gottlieb, Rena Morning Star, Donovan Bess of The San Francisco Chronicle and others, with the Immaculate Conception of The Foundation of Revelation as a powerful Idea for the service of humanity which is facing the most critical stage of its existence today.

Lou Gottlieb tried to take the beggar to America but could not get it done for lack of information as to passport and other formalities. After his return to America, he sponsored the beggar and sent him a round trip ticket. The Reserve Bank of India withheld the ticket for utilization on the ground that, instead of ticket, money would have to be sent for purchasing the ticket from India. Accordingly the ticket was returned and Lou sent the money, but the sending bank referred to his name as Gottlieb B. Lou. The Reserve Bank refused permission for the sale of ticket on the ground that there was a discrepancy between the name of the sender of the money and the name of the sponsor which read: Lou Gottlieb. So he escaped through Kathmandu, Nepal and Lou of course had to send another ticket to him.

The hippies who stayed with him went back with the light and message of Siva Kalpa to their respective countries spreading the news of all that they had seen and learned in India taking place around this man of wisdom through their journeys across the continents. Many of these seekers with long hair and beards, or their children, are very powerful personalities of different countries of the world. They all started working on Siva Kalpa.

In the third year of Siva Kalpa on August 29 at 8 p.m. the beggar came down the stairs of a BOAC jet liner in the International Airport of San Francisco without anything but a cloth bag dangling from his shoulder. There was no known face to receive him, so he just stood there. An hour later an unknown boy came up to him and asked him where he would like to go. 1410 Taylor Street to Shotsy's apartment. They were going the same way and he was driven by the boy, Paul, accompanied by his wife, Sally, and a friend whom they had come to receive at the airport. Shotsy had left the apartment to a girl, Barbara, and was living with her friends David and Nancy at Berkeley. Barbara was painting her new apartment and received the beggar cordially. She tried to contact Shotsy at Berkeley but she had left for her home at Ross and would not come back until the next day.

Barbara took the beggar to her old apartment and was kind to talk to him until 4 a.m. She gave him the key of her apartment at Taylor Street and gave him $7.00 of her own accord. She informed him that Lou's Morning Star Ranch and Don's Rancho Olompali were deserted.

He spent the rest of the night at Taylor Street and left at 7 a.m. to find Donovan at the San Francisco Chronicle Office. He was told that he would not be at his office until next Tuesday. It was Friday beginning the weekend of Labor Day Holidays. He decided to find out the new address of Don from the Rancho Olompali and took a bus to Novato. The Ranch was three miles from Novato so he decided to walk. Douglas, an unknown boy cried, "Hi."   "Hi," cried back the man. They became friends and Douglas and his two friends drove him to and back from the Ranch. The present occupants did not know Don's whereabouts. Douglas dropped him on the way to Berkeley and asked him to hitchhike to his destination. He was not in a hurry and he walked a few hundred steps to a corner and went round where in an open space adults and children were enjoying trolley rides.

He watched them for a few minutes and looked at the stream of passing cars. About 20,000 cars waved to him with friendliness and occasional ecstatic cries of "Hi."   He was not hitchhiking but was watching. A car moving in a different direction speedily pulled to a skidding halt and a head stuck out and cried: "Hi."   "Hi," returned the man and ran up to the car. "Where are you goin'?" said a voice.

"Apparently in a different way than yours, please don't trouble."  "No trouble, we are going the same way as yours, get in please."  He got into the car. There were three of them, Christopher Schroll, Steve Townsend and Marky Quayle. Chris made a U-turn and took off at a terrific speed in his new sports car. Chris:  "Do you know anybody here?"   "Many but I have to find them. Now let us go to Shotsy's at Berkeley." He gave them the number. "Shotsy Wallace?" It was Steve. Chris:   "Do you know Shotsy?" Steve:   "There is one Shotsy Wallace

in San Francisco and I know her." They came to Shotsy's, but to find the door locked. They went to the University of California and met some people. Then they went to see Steve's father and drove off after a brief visit. They crossed the Golden Gate, the Bay Bridge and the Richardson Bay, covering the whole Bay Area, about 250 Miles, in three hours and came to Chris' palatial house at Chestnut Street before the sun set, where Chris and Steve met David, the third of the trinity. After the evening prayer Steve phoned Shotsy and she came to Chestnut in a matter of minutes in her speedy Porsche car.

After meeting a dozen of friends who were sent for by the trinity, they went to Shotsy's in Berkeley. Steve and his friends wanted him to go to Washington State next morning to address a meeting of 20,000 people. But he was spared for Shotsy left with him at 4:30 a.m. for Morning Star Ranch. With dawn they reached the Ranch and found Lou playing on his grand piano. Two days later the Trinity drove him to attend the coming out party of Margo Warnecke on Russian River and the whole party enjoyed his company as a special attraction for all. He was reported in the society column in the famous Vogue magazine and also in the Chronicle. Within four days from that he addressed the nation over the intellectual and popular radio station, KSAN of Allan Stone and in another four or five days he was interviewed by Jeremy ets-Hokin at his T.V. Station.

He traveled across California and made three trips to Los Angeles covering thousands of miles and addressing thousands of people and receiving hundreds of them. He loves his selfless work and works without rest. He has received the highest love from the people which excels all receptions in history. He has been recognized by the academicians, educationalists and men of thought as the point of evolution in its ultimate knowledge and power.

Shotsy as a constant companion of this man watched the rest of the movement and saw that his promise to accept the job as told at Gorkhara is being realized as a service to the world today transcending all barriers to national or religious divisions of Truth which is the only basis of understanding. Thus the Foundation of Revelation was born in the fourth year of Siva Kalpa in January as a witness and record of the movement of the supra-cosmic power of yoga in The Unprecedented Manifestation of Practical Omnipotence in Application in saving a dead world, 'the lost atlantis.'